Going Beyond Technology

Jonathan will helps you to manage your digital challenges and find your cyber security sweet spot.

Jonathan is specialized in :

  • Helping to define and reach technology and business objectives
  • Governing on computer and information security
  • Managing Linux servers and firewall appliances

Jonathan is eager to :

  • Build cyber security awareness and data sovereignty
  • Design, install, migrate, assess and maintain clouds, containers, systems and stacks
  • Determine your needs and help you to make your investment profitable
  • Ensure your information assets and technologies are adequately protected
  • Establish a culture of privacy and best practices
  • Free your cloud, data, devices, and processes with open source software
  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks of your assets
  • Re-balance your digital life (data, software and habits)
  • Secure your sites, servers, networks, devices, data or others assets
  • Set-up a disaster recovery plan and business continuity management
  • Support families, groups and teams in their IT security journey
  • Write reports, policies and documentations

Jonathan loves working with :

  • Non-profit organizations (NPOs) and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Digital nomads and remote workers
  • Social businesses and startups
  • Entrepreneurs and executives
  • Associations and coops
  • Expats and families
  • Activists and youth